High School

Places are available for forms 1 - 6
'A' Levels - both Arts and Commercials are available

Cambridge & ZIMSEC Syllabus

'A' Level Bridging Program & Free 'O' Levels

Those with 3 'O' Levels can be enrolled into 'A' Level. We then offer them free tuition in any of the following 'O' Level subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Principles of Accounts
  • Shona
  • Commerce
  • Integrated Science
  • English Language
  • Geography
  • History
  • Biology
  • Religious Education
  • Physical Science
  • Combined Science
  • We expect them to top up their 'O' Levels within the 2 years that they will be studying for 'A' Levels.

1-2 'O' Levels

They are not a write off. We advise them to come to Denmak. Our experienced expert tutors will help them to get the remainder.

Zero 'O' Levels

We encourage these to repeat. Experience has shown that better results are obtained if they enroll at Form 3. They should start afresh with our expert tutors and the good results are certain. All the child needs is attention and a little bit of hard work on the child's part. A positive attitude is key to the success of a child more than the ability of the child.

Unsuccessfull Denmak students

All Denmak students who fail to pass have free tuition at all levels until they pass i.e if one fails they can repeat for free.

Text Books

These are provided for free and they are not shared.